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This is an on-line discussion forum called Chit-Chat.  There are currently 3 categories, alphabetically as follows:

Bear Hugs for bear lovers to discuss anything and everything about bears
Chit-Chat for everyone to discuss anything and everything general about dolls, bears, collectibles, stands, fashions, or the weather
Doll Talk for doll lovers to discuss anything and everything about dolls

You may post a new topic or reply to a current one.  Simply click on Enter Chit-Chat and log in!
If you don't already have a login, Enter Chit-Chat and click on the Sign Up Now link next to Login.

We hope to  provide you with a resourceful network of doll and bear lovers!

Enter Chit-Chat

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email webmaster@kaisermfg.com


Last Updated 03/04/11
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